Terms and Conditions

At Elm Cattery we have a set of Terms and Conditions which we recommend you read prior to booking, to save any complications or misunderstandings upon your arrival. These are enforced to benefit all our clients and especially our feline guests.

Every cat boarding with us must be vaccinated. All up to date vaccination certificates must be shown on arrival. Details of these will be kept on file for future reference by Elm Cattery. No cat will be accepted unless it has been inoculated for Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. The annual booster or course of vaccinations must have been completed at least 7 days prior to arrival.

You should also check that your cat’s worming and flea treatment is up to date prior to arrival.

No male, un-neutered cats over 6 months can be accepted. (please contact us for further information).

If your cat is unwell immediately prior to your arrival, or if your cat is suspected to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease, we reserve the right to refuse admission to Elm Cattery. A veterinary surgeon should be consulted by yourselves if your cat is showing signs of ill health prior to bringing your cat to us, and a vet’s report shown on arrival, showing he/she is not suffering from any contagious disease.

Our charges are inclusive of your cat’s usual diet, excluding prescription diets which must be supplied by the owner.

If your cat is unwell whilst boarding with us we will, in the first instance, attempt to contact the owner, or a second contact for permission to take your cat to a veterinary surgeon at your own expense. If the second contact wishes to take your cat to the veterinary surgeon with your permission, that will be arranged.

48 hours notice must be given for cancellations or changes to your bookings resulting in a shorter stay with us. We have the right to charge full rates if notification of a change is not within the timescale specified above.

We do not charge for administering medication. However, any such medication must be placed in a clearly labelled container with the owner’s name, the cat’s name and the name of the medication. Also storage details are required eg ‘stored in a refrigerator’.

Although we provide bedding, scratch posts and toys for your cat, you are welcome to bring a special toy(s) and/or a much loved blanket or bedding, basket or litter trays to help your cat settle in. Having familiar things around will help your cat settle in more quickly. We will, of course, supply all the cuddles and fussing.

Every item of bedding, beds, trays and toys will be meticulously cleaned between each cat, as will the floors, walls etc of the units themselves.