About Our Suites

The suites were made and constructed by Peticular Pens, a specialist company based in Suffolk.

They are made of the highest quality lead free UPVC frames, quadruple glazed. Each suite is heated by individual temperature controlled units which means that it remains at a comfortable temperature at all times.

Full height sneeze barriers separate each suite, to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Good air circulation comes, not only from the air flow unit, but also from a window of welded stainless steel mesh open to the front walkway.

The suites all exceed CIEH model licence conditions and Guidance for Cat Boarding guidelines. They are also licensed by King’s Lynn and West Norfolk County Council.

The cattery panels are self-extinguishing in the highly unlikely event of fire.

They are also very secure.

Each suite has two rooms. There is a rear bedroom area where the cats can lay on the upper shelf, sunning themselves and watching the wildlife from the private window. There is a lower shelf, offering a choice of sleeping areas. A secure door with a cat flap opens into the play/exercise area. There is a shelf accessed from the floor by a ramp. The second cat flap gives immediate access to the upper shelf from the bedroom. Here, toys and scratch post are provided, along with the litter tray, food and water bowls. The family suite has two sleeping areas, two play areas and four cat flaps. Another secure door opens onto to the long front walkway.

There is a further isolation pen, away from the main Cattery, which can house a poorly cat in total isolation, to prevent the spread of viruses.

Each suite looks out over the garden area which consists of trees, lawns, wildlife and bird feeders.